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Can't All Be Rose

During the course of a week we may taste up to 100 different wines if not more. With so many wines and so little space, how do we decide what to bring in to present to you? Aside from having our sales people fight gladiator style in the back parking lot, It's a tough decision each time we are presented with vino. Something has got really stand out. You can get Green Giant veggies in almost every grocery store and then there's the veggies you pick up from a local farm stand that make the world of difference because you can actually talk to the people that grow it. Such is the case with a lot of the wines we mix up on the shelves along side the Green Giant and Del Monte brands of the world because sometimes that's just what you want to eat/drink at that point in time.

Atlas Wine Co...

Winemaker, Alex Remy, popped in the store one afternoon to taste us on his wines. During the course of the tasting, he took the time out to speak with a customer about the whole tannin thing in relation to allergies/headaches and show her some other wines that she might enjoy. Again, much like the farm stand, it's a personal experience when you are speaking with the individual and/or team that produces the product. Not to mention that Alex holds a master's degree in food science. His Omen Pinot Noir was a different style of Oregon Pinot Noir that I'm use to but still very enjoyable. If you're a fan of Meomi then this may be your jam. The Omen Red Blend had us asking how fast we could get both wines in store. Alex's approach to winemaking is "Our wines, are hand-crafted with care from high-quality fruit that have come from “hidden gem” AVA vineyards. This means we have no need to sweeten our wines, or add arabic gum (used to increase mouthfeel) or Velcorin (DMDC), all of which are common wine practices that many consumers are unaware of." Alex goes on to say that people, regardless of age or income, are eager to find an additive-free, crafted wine at an everyday price. So true. After having helped my friend on her food truck this past summer where everything was locally grown and yet super affordable. Just takes a little searching and by searching I mean eating and drinking.


Channing Daughters...

Channing Daughter Sauv Blanc

If you think all "local wine" is sweet and fruity then you're missing out on what Long Island wines have to offer. A quick hour ferry ride from Bridgeport, CT, another 45 minute drive and you're in wine country with something like 40+ vineyards to choose from. One of the stand outs, for me, was Channing Daughter down on the South Fork in Bridgehampton. I met Chris Tracy back in 2010 where we tasted through several of their wines and toured the vineyards. Awesome guy to talk vino with and an equally fantastic crew working there. If you enjoy old world wines and obscure varietals then you have got to visit. Growing everything from Syrah to Tocai with a sprinkle of Dornfelder and Blaufrankish, these are "local wines" that I thoroughly enjoy. In the shop now, we have their 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and 2016 Rosato di Syrah. If you were to blind taste these wines you would think you were drinking Sancerre and Provence Rose. Price tag is just up over $20, but we're talking about a few hundred cases being made that sell out before summer is in full swing.


Left Coast Cellars...

The Left Coast Cellars 2015 White Pinot Noir...wait a white Pinot Noir? Yup, not to be confused with a white Zinfandel that is actually pink but comes from a red grape. Any event...on the recommendation from a few of our customers, we searched for this wine, brought it in and tried it. I've had white Pinot Noirs before, but nothing like this. You get some body like a Pinot Blanc, some minerality, a little pear and finished with a hint reminding me of bloomy rind brie. Unique, fun to drink and a great conversation vino. Left Coast White Pinot Noir


Last but not least in any way shape or form. You may know of our love for Rioja and beautiful labels. This wine had both and for the price tag, it's worth stocking up by the case.

La Maldita Rioja is made from 100% Garnacha which isn't very common for a Rioja in this price range. Usually you see Tempranillo playing in the lead roll and the Garnacha as a supporting cast member. Aged in stainless steel tanks and on the lees, this vino is just a blast in a glass. Dark red fruit balanced off by good acidity and minerality with medium body. Crazy label, fun wine to drink with family and friends or with pizza, pasta, cheese and serrano or prosciutto. This is your weekday wine, your party/event wine, your Friday night pizza and Netflix wine. Good wine doesn't have to cost a fortune or be so eclectic. Sometimes it's good to let your hair go crazy and have fun. And if there's a bird sitting on your head in the morning remember that it's sometimes better to not know.


As always, case discounts available on most wines and free local delivery for all orders over $25. We can FedEx to 31 states, so please contact us to find out shipping rates.


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