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Old World Meet Up

How many "old world" wine fans do we have out there? For those that enjoy, have an appreciation or would like to deepen your knowledge/appreciation for them by learning more about the varietals associated with, regional styles, terrior, etc please contact us through our email.

We are considering putting together a monthly meet up group where we can share our experiences, knowledge and of course wine with each other in hopes of learning new things and deepening our understanding without taking an advanced wine course in NYC.

I would like to make this group inviting to all levels of experience within the community especially to those that may have an interest in learning more and discovering these wonderful wines.

Aside from the monthly meet ups, we'll organize dinners at area restaurants with guest speakers from within the industry to further our "thirst" for knowledge.

If you have any interest what so ever, please Email us at, subject line "old world", and as soon as we have a enough people we'll pop some corks together.  Cheers!

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