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Chilean Pinot Noir

Yeasterday we hosted our South American wine class to a small group on a very chilly Saturday afternoon.

Trying to lead the class and jot down tasting notes as I go takes a bit of multitasking, but when a wine stands out then it doesn't take much.  I also try to translate those notes into my Delectable app for social media sharing soon after the class is finished.  The 2016 Emiliana Natura Pinot Noir was part of the line up of several fantastic wines we showcased. 

If you're looking for an out of body experience in a PN then this isn't it. If you're looking for 1er Cru Burgundy on a Budweiser budget this is also not it. What you will find is a great example of Chilean Pinot Noir for $11. Keep that price tag in mind because most Cali PN's in this price range can't compare. But also keep in mind that this entirely a Chilean PN. Light in color, smoky cherry notes and well rounded body. If you like that flavor profile gen his will be a fun entry into this South American interpretation of the varietal. 

I'm not getting any sweet fruit like a few other wine reviewers on the Delectable App are saying, but to each their own. Yes dark smoky, unripened cherries, but nothing sweet. Smooth finish that dissipates quickly but a nice even transition none the less. Medium tannins. Just a well put together PN that won't break the bank and will hopefully encourage you to explore more Pinot Noir from Chile and compare the different characteristics from around the world.   Pour something new for 2018 and decide for yourself.  Don't be influenced by others, but rather be encouraged to develop your own opinion.  Cava is still not Champagne...just saying.  Run if your wine shop is telling you that. 

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