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Ice Ice Baby Too Cold

How do you like to drink your white wines? Ice cold, room temp, ice cube?  It’s your choice since there’s no right or wrong answer because guess who it has to appeal? You...that’s all. You and only you have to be happy with what’s in your glass. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. Well, except with me.  Myself and a lot of other in da biz wine folks think we in the good ole U.S. of A drink our white wines way too cold.  

 Case in point the Marotti Campo Verdicchio Dei Costelli di Jesi.  A lot of names for the name of a grape from a specific region within the Marche of Italy.  We happen to carry two. One from Castelli di Jesi and One from Metalica (🤘😝). Both regions are classified DOC and require at the very least 85% Verdicchio and the rest can be Trebbiano and Malvasia, two other delicious grapes unto themselves. With anything that we taste or lump into the same varietal category, please do not stereotype grapes based on what you’ve had.  I implore you all to question what’s in the bottle and how it fits in with your flavor profile. Going back to this particular Verdicchio... when I first opened this to sample out today the white floral aromatics were super dominate. Like a bouquet of daisies and hyrdrangeas. A little austere at first sip and I can see why I was getting the response back. 

Fast forward about 2 hours into the day and the wine take on an entirely new life and character.

Beautiful medium body with flinty minerality, undertones Of lemon rind, wet slate.  Lip smacking residual lemony flavor coat the front of your palate and lips.

Round body, almost like a Chard with zero Malo, Similar to Saint Veran or Lower Macon. 

At room temp this wine is a whole new animal with a different life altogether. I actually enjoyed it better later in the day. 

To compare, the Verdicchio Metalica that we just brought in is more lemon zesty like a Sauv Blanc with lighter side of medium body. Beautiful wines, same varietal, but very different.  

To say all Cab Sauvs taste the same is lidacruous, thus proven by our last blind tasting class.  

When out and about please ask your server or wine clerk what flavors the particular wine represents and can offer you.  No two wines are the same. To lump all varietals into the same flavor profile is a crime.  Also Robles tastes vastly different from Sonoma. Albariño from Spain and from Uruguay share similar qualities, but differ tremendously considering their terrior.

Ask questions. Use what you know and like as reference points. Stand behind what you like.  You are a wine expert. 


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