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Ibiza Dinner 3

Scenes from our third dinner with Ibiza Taps in Hamden. Pictures are very drool worthy, but to get the full experience please visit the restaurant soon and tell them Wine101 Hamden sent you.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez returned along with a new distributor showcasing a portfolio of Portuguese wines. It was an all out duel of the titans from the Iberian peninsula.

First course we started with the Ondarre Brut Milenium Cava to welcome everyone in. We then moved onto the battle of the white wines with the Anares Terra Nova VErdejo from Rueda Spain against the Assobio Blanc white blend from the Douro. While the Assobio had 25% Verdejo in the blend and was pleasurable by itself, it was the beautifully balanced acidity in the Terra Nova that complimented the food better.

Next course we moved onto the reds with the Anares Rioja Crianza against the Assobio red blend again from the Douro.

Lastly we brought out the big guns featuring the Laztana Rioja Reserva and the Esporao Reserva. Now...I'm slightly biased when it comes to Rioja wines, just slightly, but the Laztana drank great through the last two courses. The Esporao Reserva was good, but could've benefited from more time in the cellar or a few hours in a decanter. Definitely a wine to revisit in a few years.

Great night once again. The waitstaff and chefs outdid themselves with each course. If you haven't been to Ibiza within the past two to three years then you'll be pleased to know that these are new owners and they are resurrecting this little Mediterranean style tapas and wine bar with their own personal touch and flare. Give them a try on your own or be on the look out for our next event with them.

Thank you to all who attended and supported us, the restaurant and the wineries. It is tremendously appreciated by all.

Photo shoot courtesy of our friends at YCP Photography. Give them a follow and drop our names as well.

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