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Food Schmoozing

On the most recent episode of The Food Schmooze, Faith speaks about boxed wine and jaws dropped across the listening audience. Faith, who in more recent years has been the wine version of Oprah Winfrey, drops weekly shows centered around food, wine, cocktails, etc on NPR radio heard throughout the southern New England and into New York. When a show drops we hear about it. Within hours the phone starts ringing, email starts dinging about her most recent wine find. This time Faith proclaimed her love for a boxed wine or as we call them, adulting Capri Suns. Maybe you're still on the fence about wine in a box, but this proclamation from Faith should confirm that today's boxed wine, much like canned wine, is of tremendous quality. More importantly, should be your faith (no pun intended) in the importer or producer. In this case, the importer is Cynthia Hurley who imports a tremendous French Wine portfolio to the likings of Kermit Lynch. Wine in a box comes at an extreme bargain and for those who worry about how long a bottle of wine will last once opened then, this is for you. 3 Liters of boxed wine is equivalent to 4 regular size bottles. The benefits of wine in a box are many but most importantly is the fact that no air gets into the wine to begin to degenerate it. Sadly, I have yet to find a straw strong enough to pierce the enclosure for summer poolside sipping.  Someday...

Domaine le Clos des Lumieres is a family operation founded in 1946. Located in the Southern Rhône Valley in the commune of Fournès, it is the high quality of the Domaine's soils that give their wines their unique appeal. The Domaine owns 50 hectares planted with vines, some as old as 65 years. The rocky, calcareous soil retains the heat of the sun through the night, providing the vines with a stable temperature and allowing the vines to produce fully ripe grapes. For both the red and white we're talking about blends from classic Rhone varietals. The red is a blend of 70% Grenache 30% Syrah, On the nose, it has smoky red fruit, violet and chocolate notes. The palate is full and rich with ripe cherry and berry flavors, mineral with velvety tannins. The wine finishes with a hint of black pepper. Faith enjoys it chilled for summer sipping.

In keeping with the traditions of the Rhone Valley, Lumieres Blanc is a blend of 40% Viognier 40% Grenache Blanc 20% Bourboulenc. Floral nose accompanied by lycee aromas, a lively and ample mouth feel. Beautifully balanced, with hints of vanilla, citrus fruits, and almonds on the finishSomeday... 

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