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Late Summer Italian White Wines

Plenty of summer to enjoy, plenty of new Italian wines to explore. September is not the time to put away your summer attire. No, no, no my paesans. In fact, there's no better time of year than what we call an Indian Summer up here in New England. Let's gather the familia around the table and dive into some new white wines from the Boot of the Mediterranean.

Italy is home to many white grape varietals that extend far beyond Prosecco & Pinot Grigio. During this class, we will be joined by our friend John Maggi from Vias Imports. We'll explore Gavi from Piedmonte, Vernaccia from Tuscany and head out to the island of Sardegna for a taste of Vermentino and how that differs from the mainland style.

The purpose of this class is to explore other white wine options from Italy that may not get the spotlight attention as their more well-known siblings. With John's guidance, we'll take a virtual trip through Italy's famous wine-producing regions to see what else they have to offer us.

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