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Laurent-Perrier Virtual Tasting w/Jennifer Goldenthaul

Maybe it's because of all the holiday cheer, the upcoming New Year! or just 2020 in general, but there's no better time or opportunity to pop open some Champagne. Located in the grand cru village of Tours-sur-Marne, Laurent-Perrier was founded in 1812 by André Michel Pierlot, a former cooper. It has stayed a family business since its founding and is now run by two sisters, Alexandra Perèyre de Nonacourt & Stéphanie Méneux de Nonacourt. The House only produces Champagne and has had the same cellar master, Michel Fauconnet, since 1973. During this co-headlined class featuring commentary from Jen Goldenthal from Slocm&Sons Distributors, you'll have the opportunity to taste some of the greatest wine in the world, those from the small northeastern region of France known as Champagne. Champagne captures the hearts, minds and palates of wine lovers around the world like no other wine. It is one of the strongest territorial wine brands in the world, and no wine specialist can consider their education complete without having in-depth knowledge of this fascinating region. With Jenn's assist and knowledge, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what makes Champagne the king of all sparkling wines. They will present the unique terroirs, styles, and producers and growers of Champagne. This will not only be a fun interactive evening, but you will walk away with newly gained confidence when discussing and enjoying Champagne.

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