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This box contains everything you need for a successful Thanksgiving meal - minus Turkey, mash, and everything else. Seriously, even Uncle Bob will absolutely love this selection, and in fact, he might even ask you where you got the wines. Well, you know the answer!

Choose from a selection of 3 reds, 3 white/orange or combine the two for a 6 pack. Guaranteed you will have to explain what orange wine is but you will know the answer to that too!


Thanksgiving Red 3 Pack

Kobal "Roots" Blaufrankisch - Slovenia

  • A juicy, lightly spiced red wines, wow your guests by serving a Slovenian Blaufränkisch at your Thanksgiving dinner.  Kobal wines come from the Haloze appellation in Štajerska Slovenia. Since the Roman times, Haloze has been considered one of the top wine-growing sites in Central Europe.  lthough the wine is packed with flavors including dark berries, cherries, violets, black pepper, and clove, the final result is supple and will not detract from what is on your plate.  On the contrary, this red wine will complement the flavors of your meal thanks to the lively aromas bursting from every sip. If you find yourself accepting an invitation for dinner by someone who doesn't have the best track record in the kitchen, bring this vibrant Blaufränkisch along to keep the evening interesting and your palate satisfied.

Lo-Fi Cabernet Franc - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Lo-Fi is a labor of love between two friends that wanted to make delicious, natural wines for drinking in good company. This Cabernet Franc is the wine that got them started and it’s still their best seller, with good reason. Loaded with fresh aromas and flavors of red berry fruits, rose hips, peppers, and watermelon goodness, this is a perfect chillable and gluggable red that’s a must-have for the holidays.  Fans of Bordeaux and Napa will be satisfied by this delightful wine, making it a good choice to expand your palate with aromas of flowers, ripe cherry, plum, dark fruit, and a spicy finish. Polished yet remains vibrant and brimming with fruit. If you were unsure of what to pair with your festive dinner, you won't be disappointed with this elegant option.

LE MEURGER Morgon - Beaujolais, France NOT NOUVEAU!!!

  • produced from Gamay grapes culled from 6 distinct sites in the AOC of Morgon. Granitic sand and sandy-clay soils deliver a firm tannin with bright fruit, redolent of cranberry and cherries. Tannins are firm but soften with some air or after a quick decant. The fruit is farmed via organic practices and elaborated for us at the Chateau Chenas co-op.  Beaujolais Nouveau is synonymous with Thanksgiving, partly since the wine is released on the third Thursday of November. It also makes an undeniably delicious match for Thanksgiving foods. These wines are made with the Gamay grape and undergo a quick fermentation process that produces juicy flavor. If your mind immediately went to cranberry sauce, then you'll understand the appeal of the pairing.  If you are looking to take it up a notch then try one of the more serious offerings from this region, a Cru Beaujolais. This tasty wine is brimming with red fruit flavors and polished off with an earthy and herbal finish. For a refined way to accompany your Thanksgiving meal, try this silky stunner


Thanksgiving White Wine 3 Pack

Pascal Biotteau Anjou Blanc by Mary Taylor - Anjou, France

  • The assortment of dishes found on most Thanksgiving dinner tables means that, if you enjoy white wine, you should go right ahead and drink it with your meal. For a white wine that's relatively complex with slightly more weight than some of its fellows, you can't go wrong with a Loire Valley Chenin Blanc. So, if you always reach for Chardonnay, here is your chance to try something different yet equally delightful.
  • Sourced from vineyards that fall exactly along the border of the two sub-regions of Anjou, this gorgeously subtle white from fourth-generation winemaker Pascal Biotteau comes from the village of Saint-Jean-de-Mauvrets, situated on the old Roman road from Angers to Poitiers. Combining the fresh acidity of the “Anjou Blanc” limestone with the flinty, mouthcoating richness of the “Anjou Noir,” this wine offers a beautiful composite picture of Anjou as a whole, with honeyednotes of apricot giving way to a tangy mineral finish.  This grape is such a chameleon but a bold option like this, makes a great match for your decadent Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to well-balanced acidity, minerality, and notes of honeysuckle, this wine can transition smoothly between pre-dinner snacks, turkey, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and pumpkin pie.


Kobal Furmint Šipon Old Vines Selected - Styria, Slovenia

  • The terms Furmint and Šipon are both names for the grape variety in this featured wine. This is a dry white, and the winemaker makes two different wines from the grape, then blends them together so that he can merge the characteristics of both the variety itself and the terroir of the vineyard.  Wines made from Furmint often have aromas that remind you of tropical fruits, peaches, nectarines, or other orange blossoms, and herbs. The flavors of this wine are complex and may feature ripe pineapple, apple, pear, lemon zest, with a finish that might seem like Pez candy (for those of us of a certain age, we remember). The finish shows zippy tartness and fruity sweetness despite the fact that the wine is dry. The ripeness of the fruit may fool you into thinking there is sweetness here. This is a wine that would be delightful on your Thanksgiving table when paired with turkey, grilled or steamed vegetables, and young cheeses.


Pikasi Rebula - Brje, Vipava Valley, Slovenia

  • To go with the festive fall theme, an orange wine will fit in seamlessly. Named for its color, the wine is in fact not made with oranges but white grapes.  Also known as skin-contact wines, they’re made by fermenting white grapes with the skins on, like you’d normally do for a red wine. I recommend starting with a light-maceration option that’s spent only a few days fermenting with the skins—like steeping a bag of tea for an extra few minutes to extract more flavor and aroma. The result tastes like white wine with the volume turned up, but not as intense and barnyardy as some other orange varietals. This creates engaging pours that pair excellently with a wide range of dishes, including a classic Thanksgiving spread. According to natural wine sommelier and orange wine expert Doreen Winkler of Orange Glou (a wine club dedicated to skin-contact bottles), “Thanksgiving is the best holiday meal to pair with orange wine. Roasted turkey, brussels sprouts with bacon, and sweet potato casseroles all bring out interesting notes from orange wines, and vice versa. Orange wine is often more complex than many white wines, but it doesn’t overwhelm lighter dishes the way some red wines would.” 

Thanksgiving Wine Box

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