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Bourbon Whiskey & Rye Oh My!

Every class can't be about wine right? The cocktail iondustry has come a long way since my bar-tending class of learning how to mix the perfect Screwdriver and Cuba Libre. The latest trend in mixology is craft cocktails. It's all about the craft now-a-days! To learn more about this rise in the craft cocktrail industry, we went right to the source by welcoming one of New Haven county's best mixologist and craft cocktail consultant, Nick Giordano. You may know Nick from behind the bar at Ordinary in downtown New Haven, but now you can find Nick on the other side of the counter visiting both retail and restaurants instructing them on the latest spirits, how to bring out the best flavors from your cocktails and creating new recipes.

As we're still in Winter mode here in CT, Nick chose to showcase small batch Rye, whiskey and bourbon. Brown spirits, whiskeys especially, are a hot category in the spirits world. Distilleries are having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with the demand from state to state. Thankfully, there are endless options on the market. If your favorite is out of stock, please ask your local store owner to pick something new out for you to try.

Below you'll find a list of 4 craft cocktails Nick prepared during our Mixology101 Class.

The Town Branch Manhattan:

1oz Manchino Vermouth (not pictured)

Stir and strain into a coup

Garnish with a cherry

The Old Fashion:

Muddle an orange slice and cherry

Build in glass

The Paper Plane

.75 Fresh Lemon juice

.75 Nonino Amaro

.75 Aperol

Shake and strain into a coupe

Garnish with a lemon. As with any cocktail, Nick stresses the fact about using fresh fruits, etc as opposed to the premixed variations especially when it comes to lemons and limes for sour mixes.

The Boulevardiere:

.75oz Campari

.5oz vermouth

Stir and strain into a rocks glass

Garnish with an orange

Along with using fresh juices, Nick stresses the attention to detail of whether or not to shake versus stirring the cocktail in order not to "bruise" the delicate flavors of today's craft spirits. If you have any questions, please reach out to NIck Giordan.

Tap on the link in his name and it will bring you to his consulting company, Enlightened Spirits on Facebook.

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