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Let's Be Franc

Often taking the backseat to the more well known Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc is the parent grape along with Sauvignon Blanc to CabSauv. Fact! Typically used as a blending grape tossed into the "Bordeaux" blend, Cabernet Franc is occasionally made into a single-variety wine. These wines are savory, lean, and snappy, with flavors of juicy red fruit, black pepper, red pepper and herbs. More and more producers are beginning to push their single varietal CabFranc with tremendous responses. Like every grape varietal, CabFranc has many styles indicative of their terroir (if you don’t know what that means then plan on being in our Wine101 Back2Basics class this week) From Chinon to this incarnation from the Lantue Valley in Chile to our friends @dracaenawines in Cali, find one you enjoy and go down the CabFranc rab

bit hole.

Cabernet Franc to try:

  • Cosentino The Franc from Lodi, Californa

  • J M Raffault Les Galuches Chinon from the Loire Valley

  • Couly Duthiel Chinon La Coulee Automnale from Loire Valley

  • El Enemigo Cabernet Franc from Argentina

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